Project content

"Du musst produzieren." B. Brecht

last revised:  May 09, 2002

Making the Assignment, Monday

Each language group should spend 30-50 minutes on Monday showing and explaining the content requirements for the web project. These events presumably need to be scheduled  into Jordan 101 or 103. I think it would be better for us to present the project assignments before the first joint session takes place Monday afternoon, but I suppose it might also work immediately after. The presentation of the project assignment should identify for participants details of what will be  expected of them by Saturday, web-based resources (ours or others') that they will find useful in making their materials, concrete examples of the kinds of content that are expected, possibly a model site or site structure tailored for your group.

Implementation Plan

A discussion should accompany each module that discusses the practical matters of implementation. At a minimum these plans should speak to instructional level or levels for which the materials are conceived, how the module would tie in with textbooks, and especially maters of accessibilty of technology, since this varies considerably from school to school.