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The Spanish program at Austin College has successfully maintained a high level of interest among the students by offering a dynamic and varied curriculum.




We seek to provide the students with proficiency in the Spanish language and in-depth study of Spanish and Spanish-American literatures and cultures.





We encourage students to acquire firsthand experiences by studying abroad in different programs from three weeks (in January term courses) up to an academic year. Almost all of our majors spend at least a semester abroad, in Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, or Argentina.  Students are also able to experience the language and culture on campus by

 * living in the Jordan Family Language House for one or two semesters;

 * using the multiple resources offered in the language and computer classrooms;

 * participating in the Spanish language table;

 * taking active part in any of the Spanish program activities scheduled on and off campus.

 Literature is at the core of our Spanish major.  Dynamic and enthusiastic faculty members offer courses dealing with literature from medieval to modern times.  

A major in Spanish consists of a minimum of eight approved course credit units. At least seven units must be in Spanish above Spanish 23. At least three of these seven must be at the 50 level or above and must include Spanish 81. Only one of the seven units may be from among Spanish 26, 27, and/or 37, or an approved immersion course. At least one of the eight courses must relate to Spain; at least one must relate to Latin America. One of the eight approved courses may be in a related area. Spanish 11, 12, and 23 may not count toward the major.

A minor in Spanish consists of a minimum of five approved course credit units in Spanish above Spanish 23, including at least one course at the 50 level or above. Only one credit may be allowed from among Spanish 26, 27, and/or 37, or an approved immersion course.

Descriptions and syllabuses for our literature and culture courses are available on-line.  The Austin College Bulletin also contains general descriptions of many of our courses offerings.