The Spanish House


“La Casa de Español” is located in the Jordan Family Language House on the Austin College campus.  This specially designed residence hall provides students a unique opportunity to live and learn Spanish under the direction of a faculty member and a native Spanish speaker, who serves as the “language resident.”   Language learning is greatly supported by everyday exposure and use in the common living areas.  Moreover, the students in the Spanish House deepen their understanding of Hispanic cultures through a prolonged exchange with the Language Resident. 



The benefits of living in “La Casa”




The application and selection process


Interested students should begin to consult with Spanish faculty and current language house students during the fall.  Applications are distributed in February and due around the first week of March.  Applicants are asked to explain why they would like to live in “La Casa” and what they would contribute to its community.  Some Faculty directors also require a personal interview (check with the faculty member to be sure of his/her procedures)


Residents are selected on the basis of their motivation to learn the language and culture, maturity, and academic performance.    Once the students are selected, they have 1-2 weeks to accept or decline the offer and sign a housing contract.


What former students have said about their experiences in “La Casa”



This year’s directors and residents


Faculty Director:                        Julie Hempel

Language Resident:                        Nicolás Gascue





Nicolás is a Sociology student at La Universidad de la República in Montevideo, Uruguay.  In his free time he enjoys reading Latin American Literature, playing soccer, and learning to play the guitar.


Student residents


Kimberly Aragon                                     Jimmy Garrett

Jessica Litterski                                                Jarod Olds

Diana Harari                                                     Ross Worden

Lisa Hoffman                                                    Alfred Brauer

Gillian Lightfoot                                                Joshua

Lacy Stuart

Randi Riggs

Nicole Mittenfelner

Melissa Grubbs





Current Spanish 26 syllabus