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The goal of the German program is to engage students in the study of the culture in the German speaking countries in a European context. 
Besides learning how to communicate in the German language in a meaningful way, students are guided to explore the literatures, films, history, politics, as well as a variety of societal and cultural issues of the three major German-speaking countries, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  To this end, students especially at the higher course levels are introduced to scholarship in literary, film and cultural studies and research methods pertinent to the interpretation of these cultural phenomena.  Students will be equipped with a broader, international perspective through study abroad, which will enable them to connect, communicate and compare their own lives with an increasingly interconnected world.  All students who take German are encouraged and eligible to apply for a space in the German Language house in order to immerse themselves in German outside the regular classroom and on a daily basis. Each student in the language house receives regular address and personal attention in the target language by a native language house teaching assistant.

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