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French Studies Program

Dr. Bernice Melvin
Courses Fall 2009:

Dr. Laura Spear
Courses Fall 2009:

DeDe Hosek
Courses Fall 2009:

Current course

What we do

The Austin College French Program engages students in the study of the languages and cultures of the Francophone world.  Throughout such regions as Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, an in-depth understanding of French language and its diverse cultures is necessary for careers in international relations and business, education, and service to the global community.

The French program offers many opportunities to immerse students in French language and culture.  Students may live in the French language house with a native speaker and participate in activities such as dinners and cultural events.  French table, conversation classes, and the French club also provide numerous outlets to practice French and learn about French culture.  Austin College offers study abroad programs around the world, and in January term, students may take intensive and immersion classes in France and Morocco. 

Graduates of the program have gone onto successful and exciting careers in international business, education, medicine, and hospitality/tourism.  They have also been awarded opportunities to teach English in France, pursue advanced degrees at elite institutions, and serve refugee communities.

The opportunities to speak French and employ one’s expertise of Francophone culture are innumerable.  Come discover what you can do with French at Austin College!

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